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Agar platforms

Thank you all very much for your support. I was just wondering how to connect different platforms of agar. For example, if a person uses a…

Started by RyChu

5 Nov 5, 2019
Reply by RyChu

Light exposure - here's a sick idea

Physarum doesn't like exposure to light - I'm pretty sure we've all noticed that. Physarum is also yellow - fairly sure that's not news to…

Started by ian

5 Oct 29, 2019
Reply by ian

(Moist) chamber of horrors or where the wild things are

I've been dabbling in the dark art of catching occult slime moulds. There are loads of slime moulds out there waiting to be discovered but…

Started by ian

3 Oct 25, 2019
Reply by Benny Fulmer

Slime Mould in a Vivarium ?

Hi everyone,I saw a story on the Paris zoo featuring a new exhibit containing Physarum polycephalum. They keep the slime mould in a forest-…

Started by Daniel Šlechta

5 Oct 21, 2019
Reply by Blob Morane

Soggy popcorn

so i was having a bit of fun with a culture ian sent me, and i decided to try seeing if a bit of slime i left suspended upside down on an i…

Started by Benny Fulmer

4 Oct 21, 2019
Reply by ian

Full metal physaum

From time to time I do a spot of pewter casting, it’s something I got into when I was a kid and dust off now and then. I knew I was going t…

Started by ian

4 Oct 7, 2019
Reply by ian

How much light can the physarum take?

Hi there, I am planning to resurrecting a slime mold culture for an installation. I'm weary of lighting the space too much and putting my s…

Started by Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

2 Sep 25, 2019
Reply by Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

Looking for a feasible way to conduct experiments relating to slime molds fixing existing transportation systems especially in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.)

Existing research done in transportation regarding slime molds refers to some sort of way or model in which one analyzes the growth of slim…

Started by Ayaan Sharma

0 Aug 19, 2019

What species is this?

I was walking to school one day and in a bush by the street I found this slime mould. I then followed it for over a week until it started t…

Started by Deimos Denzil

0 May 25, 2019

Some tips for my research?

Hello people!  I have got a cool idea for an experiment on slime mold I'd like to conduct. It's been quite hyped on the internet that slime…

Started by Deimos Denzil

2 Mar 28, 2019
Reply by İrem


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