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Hi there, 

I ordered a Physarum plate at Carolina last week but it didn't go well...The growth was little and the oats flakes started to rot so I transferred it into a clean petri dishes but it died anyway  :(

The one I ordered 2 years ago went so much better compared to this one, I don't if it's me or I just got unlucky with the colony I got

I also tried to rehydrate a spare sclerotium I had (the last one) but didn't work neither...

Does anybody knows where I could buy Physarum in Canada and get delivered at home? Unfortunately the carolina's canadian dealer changed his shipping policy and only deliver at school's adresses now...

Or maybe someone could send me over some sclerotium so I can restart my experimentations?

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Unfortunately they seem to be one of the only online source that isn't prohibitively costly but I'm sure you could find someone here willing to help (I myself do not have any slime mold samples at all but I would like to learn about them)

Thank's for the link! :)


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