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My slime molds was originally orange, and after I put it in the light incubator for 24 hours, it turned pale yellow, but it still ate food.

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The second finding was that I put the slime mold in a wet box for 3 days, then it turned into a sclerotoid-like thing, tough, yellow, but unable to recover.but the real sclerotium is fragile

Do you know what the reason is?

I can not tell you what you saw, but these are interesting findings!

They do vary in colour - It could be light exposure or response to something in the tree bark.

If your slime is exposed to light that might make it bunch up and start to clump - it's a preparation for spore forming and it's basically irreversible once you get to a certain point.

Is there a sweet spot on where the clumping is not irreversible but it is also possible to get nice sclerotia from this condensed state instead of the usual thin ones?

I use this trick - put an additional couple of smaller pieces of paper under your culture when you're drying down - the slime will collect over them as it's damper than the surrounding area so you'll get a thicker layer when it dried


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