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I am down to 4 sclerotias of P polycephalum that I got from Carolina Biological and was wondering what is the best method for storing them and keeping them viable.  I am currently keeping mine in the little plastic box they came in and the zip-lock bag also.  I also heard they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year which is also what I am doing.  


My bigger problem is that upon re-hydration my plasmodia are small, slow, and die on the oatflakes after 36 hours.  Should I take the remaining sclerotias out of the frig to save them (if they are at risk) or do I have a bad batch with only one good sclerotium?


Any help is appreciated. 

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It turns out the sclerotias have to sit in the open air of the room they are in for 12 or more hours in order to recuperate from the cold storage before they are re-hydrated. 

I hope this new information helps the rest of you who store your sclerotias between uses.  

Glad you resolved the issue. I've never refrigerated mine so haven't had similar problems. Thanks for sharing the remedy!


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