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I'm starting a project which uses the slime mold in a fun, interesting, and educational way.  However, I've never worked with a biological material like this before.  Does anyone know if there are any laws or regulations anywhere restricting or controlling the purchase, sale, use, and/or mailing of slime mold either domestically in the USA or internationally?

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As far as I understand it internationally there aren't any restrictions. If I'm sending overseas I only ever send out sclerotia as they're more robust and can just be sent in a normal envelope so don't attract attention. I know the US has some pretty odd rules on sending mushroom mycelia between states so it might be worth checking up. 

Any idea of resources I could go to for this kind of information?

'fraid I can't help you there. I just put sclerotia pieces inside a fold of paper or card, don't put a return address on the envelope and assume the US won't go to the trouble of tracking me down and getting an extradition order if it's intercepted.

This has worked very well so far.

Yeah, unfortunately, as soon as you start doing that by the thousands and making money doing so, you can attract government attention very easily. I've een talking to various companies and been piecing together a lot of the information I need. It's just so much work and I can't be certain I'm not missing something.

Have a browse online for US specific rules and regs. In the UK slime mould would be considered an 'unclassified biological substance' as it causes no harm and contains no pathogens. When I buy cultures from laboratory suppliers they are usually marked as 'perishable goods' not as 'biological specimens'. I am currently trying to check regulations for flying with slime mould in my luggage… no firm answer from my research so far. Anyone else flown with slime mould?

PS: this is quite a useful source for UK transportation of biological goods. I'm sure there will be similar for US.


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