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How do you prevent slime mold from growing out of its container?

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You don't. It's nomadic and likes to explore. It can be encouraged to stay with food and moisture, and it can be discouraged to leave by placing a repellent on the edges (some metal surfaces, salt, etc), but really you need to help it move house every week. When it starts to climb the walls I transplant it to a new environment.

If you are growing on agar you can cut pieces of agar and transplant. It will crawl off the old surface onto the new surface and you can easily remove the vacated old piece of agar. Same with paper and other substrates: transplant across and allow it to move off.

It cannot be contained! :)

Thank you! :D

Talking to them nicely ?

I've been told copper grease works as a repellent - but it's also horrible and messy, I don't want metallic brown gunk in my camera shots.

I tried painting washing up liquid around trays - it either works for a bit then they adapt or just kills them...

As Heather says, they need to have their bedding changed regularly and that gives you an opportunity for control. You can also encourage them to stay put by being strategic which where you put their food and leaving a dry margin around their substrate - both work a bit but ultimately they'll go where they feel like.


Aluminum lining! Here is how I found out -> . It may still cross your barrier, but will be very reluctant to do so. Copper might work even better, it is poisonous to many organisms, but I have been reluctant so far to use materials that will oxidize in messy ways. (UV) Light or temperature might make good barriers too, plenty of room for experimentation. I hear it doesn't like coffee. It also stays away from certain molds, so you could even have a live barrier

Copper grease doesn't work, they went right over it :(

If anyone knows how to get it off catering trays...... 


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