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I will be beginning an experiment regarding the reaction to stimuli soon. The standard is caffeine (or quinine) and I was planning on using it. Unfortunately, I found out it's considered to be toxic. I will be doing some paperwork to gain access to it but in the case that I am unable to, I plan on using something else (maybe iodine). 

I will be running very basic experiments with agar and 10% Povidone-iodine which seems to have some repelling capability. I will be testing different concentrations to see what happens. I have attached a basic diagram below (Sorry, I drew it quickly so it's the opposite of professional). 

I will test to see which direction the slime mold travels in to see if it avoids iodine agar. If anybody would like to check my results or do it with me, I will be posting data here.

I am using P polycephalum from Carolina Biological (shouldn't make a diff but just to let everybody know).

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You can buy caffeine over the counter in pill form - there's lactose in there as well so you might need another control but as you need milligrams of caffeine it might be easier that the pure substance 

You can get anhydrous caffeine online pretty cheap, check eBay. For quinine you could try tonic water.


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