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Hi folks,

as a bacteriologist I have come across slime molds only very recently when I found they can actually dominate biofilms designed to treat wastewater. It seems this is not reported yet in the literature. Does anyone have similar observations?

Oh. I also find them at home on spend ground coffe cakes from my espresso cooker.



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      I would be interested in knowing more about your observations of slime molds in biofilms. 


Hi Steve,

we are slow and go scientific about it. It seems to be a species of tetramitus, which is not known (yet) to be a social ameba. 

Hi Ralf,

Are they plasmodia or amoebas? Coffee grounds have not been good for my ink-cap cultures but I didn't test them on slime.


Looks like Physarum (yellow slimy and moving along a kind of network) to me. Forms puffy beige dust when I place the coffee grounds onto flower pots as organic mulch. I am curious about purifying it on agar plates. Nutrtient agar did not work.


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