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Hello everyone,

I come from China, and I have some questions:

1.How to fatten the slime molds? to production of new sclerotia for storage?

3.Why is my sclerotia(physarella oblonga) not resurrected?

4.I especially like Leocarpus fragilis,and i have it's spores,How should I cultivate it's protoplasm?

thank you all

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Thank you,I have seen this website, I will take a closer look.


Not all species will feed off oats so that could be an issue, although I've seen notes saying physarella will grow on oats ( it might be worth trying something else, it's known to feed off fungi so you could a small piece of mushroom and see if prefers that.

To make sclerotia I grow a large culture ( on oats for physarum ) by increasing feed over a week until I've got around 100g colonised food then let the slime move onto fresh damp paper to dry. It needs to dry gently - over about three days to let the organism adapt and prepare.

If you have sclerotia that don't revive it could be they dried too fast, too slow or too warm or have been stored for too long. Keep trying pieces - you'll often find one little patch that makes it in the end.

To raise a plasmodium from spores you'll have to mimic nature a bit - I'd try putting some damp woodland floor substrate in a tub and add spores, seal it and leave it in dark, keep it moist. It can weeks or months to form plasmodia but it should eventually work.

thank you very much!

The sclerotia I cultivated a few days ago did not recover,But after I added a piece of leaf, it partially recovered. its Physarella oblonga,I have already fed it oatmeal for 3 days.I am planning to let the part dry slowly to form the sclerotia.But I am a bit worried that the residue of oatmeal on paper towels will affect the recovery of sclerotia in the future.I don't know if I said clearly.That is to say, when the recovery, the oat residue will be moldy.So slime molds may be eaten by mold.I am trying to solve this problem, such as adding a layer of paper towel on the paper towel, and finally can completely remove the oatmeal.

My English is very bad, thank you for reading.

They're actually quite tough - they'll move away from contamination, if you put a fresh clean piece of substrate nearby with some new food you should find the slime will just move across. I do leave oats on the paper when I make sclerotia - they give it an incentive stay where I want it whilst it's drying out and they don't cause any trouble when I rehydrate.

Where did you get your cultures from by the way? I'd love to see some pics

Those are gorgeous images, I hope you're proud of them! 

How can I keep it in a phaneroplasmodium state forever?

I feed for about 10 days and slime mold no longer eats oatmeal,And it gathers and tries to climb the wall of the box,may I know what is the reason?

They don't like being near their own slime trails, if too much builds up they'll crawl away from it. Once a week either a piece of the slime and put it onto fresh paper or agar with new food or take all of the bedding, fold it in half and put it on the edge of a fresh piece of bedding with new food - the slime will crawl across and you can throw out the old stuff.

I did this as you said, and replace the fresh food in time,But after a long time, they are not willing to eat food.

and another question:Can I make sclerotia by lowering the temperature?

another question:Can I make sclerotia by lowering the temperature?


Most of what we know is based on physarum.It might be that your species doesn't deal well with the same food all the time - it happens with fungi in culture- so you might need to alternate foods.

For sclerotia - a lower temperature might help but it's drying out slowly in the dark that tends to trigger it. To stop them wandering off I put an extra pad of paper under the middle of the substrate - it stays damp for longer so the slime will retreat to is as it dries

Thank you, I have tried, the method of making sclerotia by cooling has failed.


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