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I have been keeping a culture of Physarum polycephalum for a while, I fed it oats, I kept its' container humid, I let it have fresh air, I gave it room temperature liquid water (Not tap water though.), I kept it in a dark place, & I never moved the container.
I'm not sure what I did wrong, but it suddenly died, it evacuated water, letting out a brownish puddle of water & making parts of the cell dry out completely & turn black as if it was burned, it detached from the substrate, & then it lysed. I would put a photo here, but I can't figure out how, so here's a link to it on Google drive →

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This extract may explain the protist death sudden death :

"Les expériences, auxquelles fait référence S. Freud, montrent que les protistes ne peuvent survivre longtemps sans être changé d'environnement car ils s'intoxiquent avec leurs propres déchets. Les protistes meurent donc de "…mort naturelle du fait d'une élimination imparfaite des produits de son propre métabolisme."

S. Freud say that protist do die because they cannot eliminate waste from their body. One must change environment frequently to avoid that.

I made the theory that the "gelly" they let as "external memory" is the waste. They do not like to walk on for 2 reasons : one it's wasted and toxic for them, second as they already go there, there is nothing more to eat or too hard to extract under the waste.

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Thanks, I'll try again with changing the size of the container, giving it more area to move & leave its' waste behind, that also gives me an idea for an experiment, I could find it a few symbionts that will remove its' waste harmlessly.

Very good idea, certainly !


Maybe a box to grow, a bridge to an other box, etc...

This could force it to leave waste in the previous box and have a new clean place to live each time it moves ?

I will draw a BLOB cleanup process... ;-)

Anybody to give ideas ?



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