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I'm hoping someone can help me figure out my problem! I got a culture plate from a biological supply company and my subcultures to new plates/environments has not gone super well. There is very little growth. I have grown them on 2% agar, moistened paper towel, recently tried some on dampened filter paper on top of 2% agar, corn meal agar. Feeding them has included sterile oats, non-sterile oats, OP50 e. Coli (the kind they feed to c. Elegans), glucose, and then combos of oats moistened with e coli or glucose. Kept in a dark cupboard. What am I missing?

I also got some sclerotium although it doesn't look dark orange like in online pictures and I have had no growth with that.

I would love to develop a student lab where they can design and run an experiment using positive and negative chemotaxis but I just can't figure this out.
The attached picture is pretty typical, will move off of the subcultured agar but not much else.

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It definitely doesn't look very happy, I wonder how long they were in the post for. When they're in the plasmodial stage there's no need to give them E.coli. You could try putting a single moistened ( with water ) oat right on top of one of the fragments of plasmodium and that might give it something to live for. 


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