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AndyGadget's Blog – November 2021 Archive (4)

Maizie V Larry

This week's bout features Maizie the Physarum polycephalum against Larry the Lichen (heritage unknown).  Larry is the heavyweight and the younger of the two at a mere 250 million years but it's thought the agility and experience of Maizie (600 million years) will win through.  This could turn nasty.    

Ding ding!…


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Can Physarum polycephalum detect a magnetic field?

There is a paper detailing how a slime mould can be guided by loading it with ferromagnetic particles and steering it with magnets, but I was wondering whether an un-modified physarum could detect a magnetic field.

I ran a set of 4 time-lapses using a strong magnet (top of picture) and starting conditions as shown in the photo so heading towards the pole would give it a guaranteed food reward.  I would expect the slime to preferentially set off towards the pole if it 'learned' that…


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Another time lapse brewing.

Just starting off another time lapse.

I mentioned before that the Physarum seemed to take a long time to get going on the art paper substrate I was using.  It did speed up after a bit and I was wondering if it had begun to disregard an unpleasant substance in the paper.  The experiment I've just started is to see if this may be the case.

Slime mould A is from the previous run on the art paper.

Slime mould B has only been exposed to clean kitchen tissue.…


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Maizie's Travels.

This is my Physarum Polycephalum exploring its Petri dish over the space of 3 days.  One second of video time equals 30 minutes of real time.

Maizie's Travels.

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