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Breaking the Mould

Hello all!  I am a mycologist in training and as such am often coming across many interesting slime moulds (useless at ID yet). Yesterday…

Started by Sam

1 Jun 20, 2020
Reply by ian website is down

Hi, I found a lot of great material on the website a couple months ago when I started culturing physarum. It appears…

Started by Adam Strandberg

1 Jun 15, 2020
Reply by ian

Fraud in our group - AWARE

Hi People, I have been receiving messages from this group from one of the users - James Pollard regarding exchanging money and transfer of…

Started by Tuneep Niaz

3 Jun 14, 2020
Reply by Heather Barnett

Cosmopolitan species - who spread them?

I've just realised I'm really lax at coming on the forum at the moment - I usually do my social stuff on commute so I'm massively out of sy…

Started by ian

3 Apr 25, 2020
Reply by Kenneth Ramos

How do you grow a P. Polycephalum from spores?

I currently have two slime molds going, and have one that is making sporangia, so I was wondering how to grow a slime mold from the spores.…

Started by Cire Sniknej

8 Apr 16, 2020
Reply by ian

Coronavirus - Just checking up on everybody

Hello everybody!  From the U.S. East coast here. COVID - 19 is starting to hit and schools/businesses are starting to shut down for social…

Started by RyChu

5 Apr 10, 2020
Reply by RyChu

yellow vs brown confrontation between two different slime molds

My brown slime mold and my Physarum polycephalum encountering each other. At fist it seemed like the faster P. polycephalum tried to attack…

Started by Cyrill Fromm

1 Mar 20, 2020
Reply by RyChu

Unidentified brown slime mold

Hello, i keep this slime mold now for over 2 years now and i still have no idea what species it is, it doesn`t sporulate although it is not…

Started by Cyrill Fromm

0 Mar 11, 2020

Where can I get a Badhamia strain ?

Hello, I have been working with slime mold in the university for the past year doing different experiments with it. I tried to buy badhamia…

Started by Dzhumhur Gyokchepanar

0 Mar 3, 2020

Looking for Badhamia sp. and Dictyostelium discoideum (axenic strain) in the US

Hello all! I am looking for the following slime moulds: Badhamia sp.  Dictyostelium discoideum (axenic strain) I currently only have Phy…

Started by J.R. Young

2 Feb 28, 2020
Reply by Dzhumhur Gyokchepanar


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