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How to raise plasmodia from spores

The results are coming in from my first trials and it looks like all the other methods aren't necessary.This has a 70% hit rate, faster dev…

Started by ianLatest Reply

So how do we use slime for evil instead of good?

We're all aware of how great slime moulds are and how they inspire artists, scientists and nutters to perform great deeds. But we're neglec…

Started by ianLatest Reply

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     Recently, I’ve been messing around with a hemitrichia plasmodium that I grew from sporangia obtained from the wilderness. The plasmodi…

Started by Maxwell

0 May 26

Getting Plasmodia to sporulate and form sclerotia

Hello,  I’ve been trying to complete the spore to spore life cycle of a hemitrichia species. I’ve had success in getting it form plasmodia…

Started by Maxwell

0 Apr 19

Interview on creative slime mould work

Hello all! I'm a master's student at UCL on the Science, Technology and Society programme, and I'm currently putting together a magazine fo…

Started by Zak Lakota-Baldwin

0 Mar 16

Genesis of the mutants - or shuffle my base pairs please!

I've been breeding up slime strains for a while now, hoping for chance and luck to conspire and give me something different. Ok, I got Dayw…

Started by ian

5 Jan 3
Reply by ian

Slime Mold Maze (High School Experiment)

Hi ,I am a high school student in Taiwan, sorry for my english is not very good. I want to do a slime mold maze experiment in the high scho…

Started by Matthew

2 Dec 7, 2022
Reply by Zander Chierici

Any tips on finding an affordable camera making slime time lapses?

I work at a highschool lab (as a passionate student) and am designing slime mould experiments for next year's biology class. I have been tr…

Started by Zander Chierici

3 Jul 20, 2022
Reply by ian

I'm new to slime molds and need help on how to grow them from spores

I've recently become very interested in slime molds and have been trying to grow some. I have done a decent amount of research on them and…

Started by Maxwell

7 Mar 11, 2022
Reply by ian

Colour variation

It's a bit more obvious to the eye but kinda shows up on camera, there's a fair bit of variation in pigment intensity between some strains.…

Started by ian

0 Feb 7, 2022

Agarose gel drying out during experiment

Hi, I am trying to do an experiment about the extracellular slime trails and external memory of physarum polycephalum. For that I am using…

Started by Mattias Bolin

1 Jan 11, 2022
Reply by ian

growing Physarum Polycephalum

I am growing Physarum Polycephalum for my biochemistry class and was wondering if anybody had any tips to grow it faster-- I am adding a fe…

Started by Mimi Osborne

1 Oct 13, 2021
Reply by ian


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