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I found this on a dead and dry rotting beech trunk.  Approx 5 x 4cm with a thin membrane and filled with what looks like a translucent milky fluid, dry and squidgy to the touch; just like a giant zit.  
False puffball (Enteridium lycoperdon) which a bit of googling says is a slime mould has been suggested.  Would the experts here agree with that?  

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Looks like it to me - there was a flush of them round here, Someone should try frying one up and find out if the stories are true..

Thanks Ian. 

I went back a few days later and the skin had gone and there was just a trace of brown spores down the trunk of the tree.  I tried to culture the spores but with no success. 
I've just seen an alternative name for it; Moon poo!  I like it :¬)

Bark off the same tree needs to be in the medium. I got some going last year, I'm setting up another go to see if it will make sclerotia


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