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Hi People,

I have been receiving messages from this group from one of the users - James Pollard regarding exchanging money and transfer of money from his account to mine. On the top, if it is suggested to me that I should be silent about it and keep it secretive.

Please be aware of and remove such people from our group.

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Thanks for informing, I recently also received an oddly suspicious email from the person referred above.

Yes. Now since you have also received such messages, I now have no doubt of suspicion.

Thanks for sharing and sorry that members have been pestered with spam. I had a few emails this morning about this and have banned the 'member' from the group. We check each request to join carefully and this one looked like a genuine slime mould enthusiast. Occasionally they slip through the net.

I hope that no-one has been bothered too much by the unsolicited messages, rest assured they have now been removed from the network.


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