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Hello collective,

I am looking for a way to maintain a dried slime mold culture on a piece of paper as long as possible – this is for an art project, so the slime mold wouldn't necessarily need to become alive again. Would anyone happen to think of a good fixative or similar for attaching the sclerotium on a surface, something that would keep it in shape for a maximal amount of time? This piece of paper would be shown under bright lights.

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Perhaps should you try varnish or wood glue ?

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If it's dried then you don't really need anything - it'll be fine for years. As Francois-Joseph suggest you could try varnish, when one escaped and got on to the cover of a notebook I varnished it in place with clear nail varnish but that was just because it was going to get handled.

Thank you for both of your replies. Valuable advice!


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