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I'm building a science wiki to try to make it easier for everyone to do science. The idea is to help people fill the gaps in their skills, knowledge, and resources by connecting with other people with different skill sets, interests, and areas of experience. If you're interested, the site can be found at  

I am working to get people involved with as broad a range of scientific interests as possible. As the site grows, it should become a useful resource to Slimoco members as a way to connect to a larger science community. 

If you have suggestions for how to make the site better, I'd greatly appreciate hearing them!



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I thought I should follow up on this old thread to say that the IGoR wiki is now operational. I think it could complement Slimoco by connecting people across fields/topics so, it might help people encounter others interested in similar ideas in other organisms (my favorite example is that several animals show flow-regulated development of transport systems, very similar to what occurs in Physarum).

If you like the idea and want to help the wiki come to life, the easiest thing to do would be to post comments or rate pages on the IGoR wiki:



It looks good Michelangelo. I'm an amateur naturalist and I like your page

Thank you!

And welcome to Slimoco.


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