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Slimes, safety and world distribution.

HelloI'm glad to have found this forum, because I'm really interested in slime molds and there are not many books about them and hardly any…

Started by ian in Links & ResourcesLatest Reply

How to raise plasmodia from spores

The results are coming in from my first trials and it looks like all the other methods aren't necessary.This has a 70% hit rate, faster dev…

Started by ian in Projects & IdeasLatest Reply

How to get a physarum culture

So you want slime?  I can give you slime. I'll post physarum to anyone anywhere free of charge.  "Free?" you say, surely that's too good…

Started by ian in Links & ResourcesLatest Reply

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Please contribute to the running costs of the slime mould collective

Dear members of The Slime Mould Collective, It’s that time of year when I get billed for the hosting costs of the slimoco ning network and…

Started by Heather Barnett in Links & Resources

1 Aug 3
Reply by Heather Barnett

Any tips on finding an affordable camera making slime time lapses?

I work at a highschool lab (as a passionate student) and am designing slime mould experiments for next year's biology class. I have been tr…

Started by Zander Chierici in Projects & Ideas

3 Jul 20
Reply by ian

Slime back in production!

I've slimes available to post again - fresh off the drying rack and itching to explore the world. At the moment just Daywalker but I'll rea…

Started by ian in Links & Resources

2 Jul 18
Reply by Justin Couvrette

The Bioreactor

hi there .  i·m new here and i·m excited to join this community .  at some point i would love  to get a sample of physerum polycephalum . …

Started by Skadi in Links & Resources

13 Jul 1
Reply by Skadi

Physerum in Water

Does anybody here know if Physerum can survive being submerged for long periods of time? Ka Also does anybody know if they react to salts…

Started by Skadi in Links & Resources

4 Jun 24
Reply by ian

Slime deliver update

A delivery update - I owe a lot of people slime, I'm working on it but I've spent the last 2 weeks moving the slimery out of the study to m…

Started by ian in Links & Resources

2 Jun 7
Reply by ian


i have successfully caught one or more slimes . it is currently living in and occasionally crawling up the sides of the terrarium i made f…

Started by Skadi in Links & Resources

0 May 28

Need some help on growing plasmodia and eliminating contamination

Hello. Recently I’ve been trying to grow some unidentifiable plasmodium on some water agar plates. I obtained this plasmodium by finding it…

Started by Maxwell in Links & Resources

1 May 27
Reply by Kenneth Ramos

Create self-sufficient environment with slime mould

Not long ago Ian sent me some slime molds. Since then I have been learning how to grow them, the best technique was agar-water and oatmeal,…

Started by Ivan in Links & Resources

5 May 26
Reply by Aimee

Hello I'm new here and to slimes in general!

Does anyone know where to get dry samples of slime plasmodium ? Is there an exchange type thing here? A few months into the world of magica…

Started by Aimee in Links & Resources

0 May 26


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