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Hello! I am calling for advice on a slime mould web resource. I am currently undertaking a traineeship at the Natural History Museum (Identification Trainers for the Future) and as my final project I am planning on developing a website to help with the identification of UK slime moulds.

However, I don't want this to just be a site for those interested in identification, but for everyone with a love of slime moulds. I would like it to be a place where people can find out what other research and art projects are being done in relation to slime moulds,as well as what events may be up and coming.

As this is not my area I was wondering whether anyone would like to come for a visit at the Natural History Museum on Tuesday afternoon, December 6th at 2.30pm, to discuss how people may want to use this as a resource. We can also have a look at the collection here to get some inspiration! Let me know if the time isn't convenient as I can move it.

My current thinking is that it will link back to pages such as this as well as sources of research papers for example.

Many thanks,


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Hi Sophie

I have been working on something similar myself (but not as ambitious - mainly aimed at ID help and photos) I still a long way to go but I am hoping to photograph and add all UK species (I have to find them first!).

It is part of the North East Fungus groups webpage.

This is a particularly unusual myxo(for the UK) that we found this year

This one is also one of my favorites

Also a slideshow of a few photos here

I would love to come down and have a chat and look at the collection but it is quite a distance for me.

Links to research papers and possibly summaries of developments in the field would be interesting.

Kind regards,


Hi John,

It would be great to have a chat. If next week is too soon for you we can always arrange another time? Those photos are stunning! I only have access to photos of dried specimens and it would be great to see how our two resources can complement each other.

I am also fairly new to slime moulds so I would love to have a chat with you about field craft and field ID (where possible!)

Best wishes,


Hi Sophie

Thank you and that sounds good. I will pm you my email address if I can - that's usually the best way to reach me.

I would love to visit the Musuem but I'm in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so it would be a long trip.

Kind regards,


Hi Sophie,

I'm not in UK, so I won't come to your national museum... I could perhaps visit you if you come to share your expo in Paris Natural history Museum ...

But I can help you by parsing your internet site when you can open the pre-release to external connexion as I'm warned in Human Machine Interfaces.

Best regards,


Good afternoon,

Thank you very much for replying. Once my site is up and running I will send you the link, advice for changes or what would be helpful for users would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


you will be welcome.



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