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We're relatively new in the physarum business. Below there are two pictures of which we are not certain of what we see. We're quite sure the first picture (40x mag.) is an fungal infection.

But when we enlarge to 400x we see the bottom picture. We don't think that these are Physarum flagellates. We're thinking of mycelium parts eventually after a fungal-physarum collision?

Can anyone help?

Kind regards,


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Thanks for your reply,

No there was no movement. And the particles are to big to be bacteria. I think it is mycelium.

This looks to be a particular cellular slime mold, but it is hard to tell. Can I help you identify it? It also might be slime left over.


Can a slime residu be so fragmented? The slime mould was Physarum polycephalum, thats for sure.

Could you display another picture please (zoomed in). I will get back to you soon.

-Frank May


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