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I’ve been trying to complete the spore to spore life cycle of a hemitrichia species. I’ve had success in getting it form plasmodia, but I’d like some advice past this point. I’d like to know how to get the plasmodia to form sclerotia and sporulate. Frim what I know, sporulation is encouraged when the slime mold runs out of food and is exposed to light, and they form sclerotia when dehydrated. I have a couple questions regarding this. Firstly, does would any light work getting them to sporulate, or do they also need the UV light found in natural sun light. Secondly, do slime molds need moisture when sporulating in order to prevent them from forming sclerotia, or are both processes done without moisture.Thirdly, how big would the plasmodia have to be for hemitrichia to sporulate? Lastly, should food be taken away from the slime mold when trying to get it to from sclerotia. Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated along with any general tips. Thank you in advance.

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