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Hello all! I'm a master's student at UCL on the Science, Technology and Society programme, and I'm currently putting together a magazine for a Science Journalism module. The magazine is themed around creative uses of science by people who aren't scientists in the conventional, professional sense, and I've become really interested in all the amazing things being done with slime moulds.

I wanted to ask if anyone in this collective would be willing to share some words for a short interview piece - ideally someone who's working with slime moulds for some kind of artistic/creative endeavour rather than in an official scientific research capacity, but I'm pretty open to anything provided you're happy to talk about your process. I'm also flexible with how this interview might be conducted - could do a video call or just answer some questions over email if that's easier.

I hope it's OK to ask for this sort of thing on here, apologies if not - I'm still new to this group! But I'd be really grateful if anyone's up for talking to me about all the fun and exciting things they've done with slime moulds. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

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