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Hi Everyone, 

I work in natural history documentaries and I'm looking into filming a slime mould / decomposition sequence for a tropical rain-forest story. I was chatting to the swarm lab ( and they recommended checking this forum and chatting to you all. 

I'm trying to find and source visual species of slime mould sclerotium to work with but all I can seem to find are: Physarium polycephalum and Dictostelium discodeum from online suppliers (Carolina). I'm definitely going to try and film P. polycephalum but I was wondering if there are any that you would recommend or know where to find slime moulds in a colour other than yellow and that move similarly to P. polycephalum in their swarming phase? I've seen timelapses of pinks, reds and whites that all look really interesting. I'm a bit stuck so if any of you have any advice would be much appreciated.



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