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       So I know a lot of these will seem very basic but I’m just starting out and trying to figure out some details still.

 1. What does agar agar do? I understand what it is and that it is nutrients, but why do we need to use that if we give the mold oats?

 2. Are you able to just split up the mold to create two new molds?

 3. I think from what I gathered, that two slime mold cultures can be combined to create one larger slime mold? I am not sure if I am completely correct with that one. 

 4. Is there a limit to how large a slime mold can get?

 5. In general, what’s some of the more common mistakes people make and how can I avoid them?

       Feel free to correct and or tell me how obvious these answers are.

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1. The agar is just a surface/medium for the slime mold to grow on. You can grow them on wet paper towels if you would prefer not to use agar. If you do use agar, use non-nutrient agar and feed the slime mold oats.

2. Yep, as long as they have enough resources, they should have no problem becoming two if you split them.

3. I'm not too familiar with this one but from what I know, if they are genetically similar yes...If not, no ... Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. I know that it is possible for two to combine though.

4. They can grow up to several feet if raised correctly. I was messing around and got one up to a circle of 2-3 feet diameter but I ran out of space. 

5. @ian has written an amazing guide for raising slime molds here:

It's a short read but has valuable information. 

Good luck and ask if you have any questions!


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