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     Recently, I’ve been messing around with a hemitrichia plasmodium that I grew from sporangia obtained from the wilderness. The plasmodia was white at first, but began to turn yellow after it began depleting the agar on which I was growing it on. I then transferred it to a larger plate, and after a couple of days, I began noticing some weird behavior. It had originally spread out across the plate, but was now clumping up into mounds which had the appearance of scrambled eggs (Picture 1). The amorphous blobs eventually somewhat organized into mounds of little spheres (Picture 2).  It also went from a slimy texture to a rubbery one that held its shape when poked. In all, this process took 2-3 days.

     I suspect that this was the slime mold sporulating, but I am not entirely sure. Since it formed into the mounds of little spheres, it hasn’t changed much. I was wondering if this was really sporulation. I couldn't find any literature of media relating to the sporulation of hemitrichia specifically, so I don’t really have anything to compare this to. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could confirm to me what was happening here. If it does end up being sporulation, I would also appreciate it if someone could let me know how long this process usually takes and if the development looks normal.

Thanks in advance.

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