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Hi everybody, and Happy New Year.

My yound dougther is to be enter in Veterinarian studies after graduation... As she is interested in biology (and what ever around living), she browse scientific news on the web. Recently  she saw a TEDx Presentation about "Blob" intelligence. Now  she wants to try educate one "Clever Slime" too.

Do somebody could send us a sample to start experiments ? I've read about a ring somewhere on the site... Is it alive ?

We live in Paris, France, and we are interseted in encountering other french people of the slim mould collective ! Maybe a local board for the collective exist on paris ?

Best regards

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Comment by Frank May on January 21, 2017 at 1:02

There are great kits from Carolina. They specialize in slime mold kits for starter kits and classes.

- Frank May

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