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Need help: starting a slime mould culture

Dear colleagues, I got a Physarum polycephalum culture to start my own. It is a dry fungus on a paper peace. How to start a plate culture from it? what are the best growing conditions? (i have an access to simple microbiological media and a sterile workbench) Thank you in advance!!!

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Comment by ian on December 13, 2018 at 18:13


No need for sterility with these guys  they'll actually move away from contamination. The best option for food is rolled oat dotted around on the substrate and lightly moistened. I use oats straight from the bag - cheapest is fine as long as they're not quick cook. Ambient temp ( assuming it's comfortable for humans) is fine. 

As for substrate, for general growth paper is the easiest option - I use filter paper but plenty use kitchen towel. For show 2% agar no nutrient and no need to autoclave.

Propagating is simple - move patches of colonised substrate to new bedding. Sub culture weekly and keep it in the dark 

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