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In the ongoing conversation between people and slime molds, using an oats-laden Ouija board, Eva asked my resident slime mold whether it would like to be eaten.
Apparently, it considers excess itself being eaten as a form of dieting. However, ritual needs to be observed, including oboe music ->

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Comment by Gaspard Bébié-Valérian on March 4, 2019 at 18:14

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your answer. I wouldn't have thought you've done that manually :D
The project is going slowly because I have several issues to solve. Now, I'm trying to grow the physarum on laser engraved PVCs plates. This isn't working yet because the agar is drying. I need to create a box which will remain wet. For the ouija board, I'm currently thinking to use a Makey Makey board, really easy to connect and trigger events. However, I need first to test the conductivity on a whole agar Petri box. Lot of things to work on, yeah!

Comment by Jan-Maarten Luursema on February 28, 2019 at 16:08

Hi Gaspard, thanks! Sorry for the late reply. I haven't automated the process yet, so I am scoring everything by hand from time lapse videos. When I get to it, I will probably use a raspberry pi and a processing script. How is your project coming along?

Comment by Gaspard Bébié-Valérian on February 15, 2019 at 17:59

Hi Jan-Maarten,

I am currently working on a ouija board connected to a slime mold. Making searches i discovered your projects which are really cool. From my side, to get contacts I plan to use arduino and open circuits to activate specific points. But looking at your several andi's interactions, i notice you got undressed of letters (and activations) but without any wires. How did you do? Have you used a tracking video system for that?

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