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  • Slime mould

    Slime mould

    First slime growth video lu mafo Jan 16, 2020 62 views

  • Wounded


    Freshly cut slime mould repairing its connections. Membrane stained with Bodipy, mitochondria with… ian Dec 10, 2019 126 views

  • First to reach center

    First to reach center

    First time lapse experiment : I was waiting for the first blob to reach the center, but none did it… Blob Morane Nov 3, 2019 108 views

  • Cheat!


    Physarum cheating at a maze Music from "Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod (… ian Nov 3, 2019 114 views

  • Slimewave


    Testing my new TL setup EOS-M running magic lantern with kit speedlite modifed for mains power. Phy… ian Nov 2, 2019 88 views

  • Mandy meets Mazie

    Mandy meets Mazie

    We found a wild slime mould that happily ate oats, we called it Mandy Goes to Medschool and decided… ian Oct 27, 2019 73 views

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