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The Physarum Experiments go to Subtle Technologies Festival

I will be giving a talk and running a workshop on The Physarum Experiments, my ongoing collaboration with Physarum polycephalum, as part of this year's Subtle Technologies Festival in Toronto. 

Workshop outline

 “[In] trying to understand systems that use relatively simple components to build higher-level intelligence, the slime mould may someday be seen as the equivalent of the finches and tortoises that Darwin observed on the GaIápagos Islands.”

(Steven Johnson, Emergence, 2001)

Physarum polycephalum is a tiny yellow microorganism that displays primitive intelligence, problem solving skills and memory. This slime mould is used as a model organism in many areas of research including city planning, adaptation and robotics. It also makes for a great creative collaborator: kept dark and damp, and fed on a diet of porridge oats, it will grow in beautiful patterns whilst foraging for food.

Join artist Heather Barnett to discover the fascinating role this single celled organism has to play in the culture of both science and art, and participate in a practical experiment to create the ideal creative environment for it to grow. Each participant will take home their own pet slime mould at the end of the session, and will be invited to share the results of their experiments on The Slime Mould Collective @

Organism, equipment and consumables provided.

To book register here

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