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SLIMOCO brings together artists, scientists and others interested in slime moulds - to share research, knowledge, experiments, images...



Welcome to the Slime Mould Collective!

The Slime Mould Collective is a portal for interesting, progressive and ground breaking research and creative practice working with the simple yet intelligent organisms. If you are involved with or interested in slime moulds as a scientist, artist, designer, teacher, philosopher... (etc), please join and share what you do...

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Benny Fulmer liked Nemo Andrea's video
7 hours ago
Nemo Andrea posted a video

Sporangia Formation | Physarum Polycephalum

Sporangia formation in physarum polycephalum. Captured in petri dish. Sporangia formation tends to be highly synchronised. Shot on Nikon J1 with 4X magnifica...
ian replied to Heather Barnett's discussion slimoco activity
"Social media? Get thee behind me! I tried it and drifted away, in principle I have a Fb account but I haven't logged in for several months - I guess I just don't understand the appeal, unlike myxomycetes which I do find appealing.…"
ian posted discussions
Benny Fulmer replied to Heather Barnett's discussion slimoco activity
"i don't know, i just got here and i've always felt that slime molds are a really underappreciated group of organisms... more people deserve to know about these little guys and what they're capable of! i don't know if that means…"
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ian replied to ian's discussion How to get a physarum culture
"Welcome to the collective! Cooing noises are much appreciated ( hey, I wonder if these things can 'hear' ). I do talk to my slimes but usually all they get is 'Why aren't you in your petri dish?' and 'Gah, what did I…"
Benny Fulmer replied to ian's discussion How to get a physarum culture
"i made an account today largely for the hopes of obtaining this slime! i hope that counts for something. however i have always loved slime and slime molds since i was a child, as an enthusiast of slimy living things in general. i am especially…"
Gaspard Bébié-Valérian posted a discussion

Failed to reactivate physarum backup

Hello,Several months ago, I did a batch of slime mold backups. It was getting invasive and I used thick paper to conserve them. Unfortunately, recently, as I tried to reactivate them, the physarum on the papers became green-darkish and it didn't grow at all. I have the feeling they are dead.So, I still had a small sample Ian, from this community, sent me before. I activate it and it grows now. So I'm really thinking what's going wrong?Any advices?Thanks a lot.…See More
ian posted a discussion

How to get a physarum culture

So you want slime? I can give you slime. I'll post physarum to anyone anywhere free of charge. "Free?" you say, surely that's too good to be true? Indeed it is, I said free of charge, not actually free. This is the slime mould collective, lone oat flakes do not get visited by physarum fairy. You must prove your worth if you want to join and engage with the network. Assimilation doesn't hurt, we promise and you might like it. Tell us why you want the slime, what are your hopes and fears for…See More
Jan-Maarten Luursema commented on Jan-Maarten Luursema's blog post Do sllime molds die?
"Yeah, they kind of wax and wane, and occassionally change into small clouds to travel"
Sep 16
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Sep 15
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Sep 13
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Sep 10
Lucie Draai commented on Jan-Maarten Luursema's blog post Do sllime molds die?
"I don't think Slime mold Die, the great thing is that they can sort of decide whether or not the environment is friendly or hostile enough for it to activate itself into a vibrating plasmodium. I would say its an ongoing negotiation. "
Sep 9



All members are welcome to create sub-groups to connect people with common interests, i.e. particular species, foragers, slime mould swaps, slime mould as metaphor for human cooperation… etc.

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