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Julio Lugon - Slime Mold (loops) // for elephant meditations

Video designed to be used as part of a sound art installation.

Information about the exhibition:

Title: Elephant Meditations
(Bonn 2019 and Berlin 2021)

Material: ripstop and oxford fabric, synthetic grass, air blowers, metal plates, sound exciters, contact mics, amplifier, relay-systems, arduinos

Concept: A former factory hall gets transformed into a mysterious feedback system »inhabited« by a peculiar (nylon) organism which fills itself up with air only to empty itself once again, in a cycle without pause. A »lab« on the second floor appears to be gathering information that seems to stand in some causal, but yet unfathomable relationship (at least for the beholder) to the rising and falling of the organism in the exhibition space.

Featuring a culture of Physarum Polycephalum.

Commisioned for bonn hoeren´s sonotopia 2019 award

Credits Video: Julio Lugon and Marc Honninger


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