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I have a keen interest in exploring the dynamic functionalities of slime mould for my TFM, through the lens of machine learning. Specifically, I am interested in creating a simplistic machine learning model that emulates the operational dynamics of slime mould. The aim is not to apply the model to solve human problems, such as "the shortest path" or the "Traveling Salesman Problem," as seen in previous research involving slime mould and algorithms. Instead, my goal is to mathematically formulate and code the functioning of slime mould in Python in some ways which I still don’t have really clear. I envision this project from a posthuman perspective, seeking to develop a “human” code that represents the behavior of a non-human entity within the framework of a posthuman philosophy.

Do any of you have any advice? Any interesting documents to pass on to me? Some idea? 

I write this post to seek comparison and to expand my research with you. 

Thank you :) 



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