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How to raise plasmodia from spores

The results are coming in from my first trials and it looks like all the other methods aren't necessary.This has a 70% hit rate, faster dev…

Started by ianLatest Reply

So how do we use slime for evil instead of good?

We're all aware of how great slime moulds are and how they inspire artists, scientists and nutters to perform great deeds. But we're neglec…

Started by ianLatest Reply

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Problems with raising Physarum Polycephalum from sclerotia

Hello I'm writing this post, because I have a problem as mentioned in the title. Never before had I faced such difficulties and I'm doing t…

Started by Tymon Zachary

7 yesterday
Reply by MP

Time lapse with Maths output! Don't know why the 'add video' isn't working but here's a link. This Physarum rigidum meeting polycephalum ov…

Started by ian

1 Dec 18, 2020
Reply by RyChu

Slime mould interaction with fungi - university research.

Hi all!  I'm currently working on piece of science fiction for my creative writing degree. Put briefly, a mutation has caused various speci…

Started by James White

5 Dec 16, 2020
Reply by ian

Accessible sessions - visual impairment

I'm looking at devising some sessions for people with visual difficulties.  I've found a slime grown on thin card bakes nicely at 100C to l…

Started by ian

0 Dec 2, 2020


One thing I've noticed breeding slimes is they vary in colour. Anyone who's got Daywalker and Mazie on the go might have noticed that Dw is…

Started by ian

4 Sep 3, 2020
Reply by ian

Contamination tolerance assay

Otherwise known as the boredom assay. I suspect some of the slime strains are more prone to contamination than others. I'm trying trays w…

Started by ian

7 Jun 21, 2020
Reply by ian


I wondered if the bright orange physarum have different pigments from their paler siblings, so I mashed a load into alcohol ( 80% isopropan…

Started by ian

2 Jun 21, 2020
Reply by ian

slimoco online meet up

Seeing as we're all - to varying degrees - locked down with our slime moulds, would anyone like to join a slimoco online meet up sometime l…

Started by Heather Barnett

14 Jun 20, 2020
Reply by Heather Barnett


So I have never been allergic to anything in my life but as soon as my slime mold came in the mail and I’ve been working with it I’ve start…

Started by Quill Brezicki

5 Apr 16, 2020
Reply by RyChu


April fools! Okay, so it's not radioactive. But it sure looks like it, and I figured April fools day was as good a day as any to share. Thi…

Started by Evan Brown

9 Apr 6, 2020
Reply by Evan Brown


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