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Hi Collective ! I represent a group of creative packaging designers in corrugated board. We are going to work with SM to see if we can find fresh thinking with box design and transport networks our packaging moves through - e-commerce couriers and palletized shipments.

First question of many - does the amount of food placed have any bearing on the interaction with the slime ? Does it "do more" around more food, less around smaller pieces - thinking of weighting certain design elements .....

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Yes they evaluate food value and size. If you want to use weighting, the Dusstour group used 10% powdered egg in agar vs 2% oat agar, you can chuck valerian in the mix if you want something bordering on addictive and salt or baking soda to repel. Narrow spaces speed them up, wide slows them down. You can actually build logic gates on those principles - wouldn't recommend it but they're surprisingly steerable.

If you need culture let me know



Hi Ian - thanks for the reply ! great to read and very exciting for our project. Ill come back to you to take you up on the kind offer of culture.




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