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We're all aware of how great slime moulds are and how they inspire artists, scientists and nutters to perform great deeds.

But we're neglecting the darker side of life, how might an evil genius make use of slime to take over the world, or just create general mischief?

I'm sure there are creative minds out there that have Machiavellian leanings, let's hear from them!

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Genetically alter oats, make them produce huge amounts of growth factor, add in some GFP. Once with have six foot tall slime......

Great question, and I have just the class to ask :D

Slime mould optimises distribution networks between pop densities represented by food piles and distance represented by ... distance.

So that works for transport modelling, but you could also use it to optimize for less nice transport like drug supply distribution.

Or you could map a city to get a reasonable traffic density projection, then block up a road or add a new train station and see where the slime sends traffic. Good for modelling which land will become valuable or cheaper to raise the millions needed for your volcano base.
Or by blocking up and road and then blocking up the new road you could create 'roadworks' overnight to bring a city to a standstill. 

I suspect there's an approach to using slimes for decoding encryption, but I've not fully worked out the maths yet. 

I refer everyone to Ian's attempt to nurture giant vampiric slimes:

That's absolutely awesome. I'm currently working on physarum not being a case solver but an issue generator. I plan to use a ouija board for that purpose.

I wish this forum had 'laugh' emojis... and 'Machiavellian cackle' emojis.

Change slime mold spores so that they are carried around more easily... won't harm anybody but it would contaminate everything and be incredibly annoying (or fun depending on which perspective you take).


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