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Hi everyone!

I am a master student in Interaction Design at the London College of Communication.

During the past 6 months, I worked on a project involving slime molds

I am now preparing a show in London (Everything Happens So much, starting Friday) where this project will be exhibited. Unfortunately, all my slime molds died recently (because I carried them on a plane recently) I am in desperate need to find live Plasmodium in London. Could anyone share resources with me? You would save my project.

In a bio-sensitive computer, 10 Physarum Polycephalum are competing on John Conway’s Game of Life.
The electrical potential of the slime molds at each end of a protoplasmic tube connecting two food source is measured through Galvanic Skin Response sensors hooked up to an Arduino mega, transmitting data to a single board windows 10 computer processing them through a custom made software. These data are then used as spatial coordinates that control the gaming and set the original state of the Game of Life

At the end of each round, the data is analyzed and the onboard computer will work on modifying their environment (through light impulses) to improve their gaming.

The full documentation can be found here

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Unfortunately, I am away from home, and do not have access to plasmodium.. Maybe Heather Barnett would know a local source? Roland van Dierendonck has plasmodium also, but he will only arrive on Thursday. Maybe he can priority mail some?


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