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Physarum polycephalum skin contact

Apparentpy, i disturbed it and awakened a sleeping giant. My ND confirmed
that it was slime mold and upon further investigation, I was able to
narrow down the cause. We have a lot of plumeria here and I the rainy
season the leaves grow this type of mold. I pluck the leaves because it
kills them and spreads to the other leaves. I must have had a tiny scratch
or the p.p sat o. The surface long enough to attach. It was a small pink
semi sore spot-then I started messing with it. Now I'm treating a fungal
ifectiion and this is what it looks like currently. I just wanted to share
and get it out there what it could potentially do to the skin. I'm taking a
natural herbal product to get rid of it as well as treating it topically
with oils for fungal removal. Feel free to share. Thanks

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Comment by François-Joseph Deminiere on January 24, 2017 at 9:12

Hi Kristy,

As far as I could search in available data on internet, nobody reported any toxicity from protist to man.

Someone in SliMoCO tasted some by accident and did not complain about anything else than a bad taste...

Did you paint shop this photo for April fool from a fish eye picture ? If no, then this is 99.99% sure not a problem from polycephalum contact, but something else.

And as it could hurts children willing to experiment Blobs this could be better to remove this document or to confirm a fake in the text please.

This is only a suggestion, and far of me to deny your pain if it's a true photo.

I just claim this CANNOT BE a Blob injury.


Best regards,


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