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Culturing Slime

Tomorrow I will be starting to culture my slime and I'm a bit new to the whole process. We aim to culture slime both on minimal media and oatmeal agar so how should I go about culturing? E.g. How much of the sclerotia should I be adding to each plate initially?


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Fan and Tubular Growth Promotion

Hi everyone,

I am looking to promote tubular and fan like growth in Physarum Polycephalum in 2 separate dishes (1 with tubes, the other with fans). I think to promote tubular growth, I will have a medium with low nutrient content in a petri dish scattered with porridge oats or something like that (any recommendations for this medium?). However what kind of medium could be evenly distributed across a dish that would promote the alternative fan like growth of the slime mould? Could it just…


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Where to find a slime mould

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to carry out a research project at school involving Physarum Polycephalum and have decided to go out and find my own. Having looked at several sources, the web says that they are retrievable from damp conditions in woodland areas e.g. damp wood, rotting vegetation. Can anyone tell me any other places where they could be hiding?

Added by Matt Jackson on June 10, 2015 at 20:26 — 4 Comments

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