The Slime Mould Collective

An international network of/for intelligent organisms

All Members (826)


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

James Howie

Edinburgh City, United Kingdom

Elliott Ballam

Bristol, United Kingdom


Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

leticia monaliza prates

Albany, GA, United States

Mrinal Sourav

Seattle, WA, United States

Micaela Tosi

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rosie Holliday

London, United Kingdom

Ian Pilon

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Gary Zhexi Zhang

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Parker Lovein

Keller, TX, United States

Paula Ortega

London, United Kingdom

Ben Toth

Chelva, Valencia, Spain


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr P H

Armonk, NY, United States


Angers, France

Abid Haque

Newark, NJ, United States


Boston, MA, United States

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