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Inspired by the novel Solaris, in which scientists try to interact with a planet-sized alien slime mold, I made an 'ouija bord' style setup to create a communication channel for our slime mold Andi. This includes a webcam for time lapse videos. The resulting texts are tweeted after consultation with word's spell checker; Andi's twitter name is 'slime mold Andi'.

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Comment by Jan-Maarten Luursema on Friday

Yeah.. I am working clean, but by no means sterile. There's probably all kinds of things growing on and between the oats to supplement it's diet. Do you know the temperature at which the oat proteins denature?

Comment by Derndorfer on Thursday

okey, interesting. I had bad experiences with oatmeal because during autoclaving proteins in the oatmeal solution denaturated and were unsoluble. not ideal for the slime mould. but yours looking fine :)

Comment by Jan-Maarten Luursema on Thursday

Actually oatmeal, so ground oats. About 1:5 oatmeal to water in weight, then short blasts in the microwave with stirring in between until the consistency is a bit thicker than yogurt.

Comment by Derndorfer on Thursday

oh, so you cooked oat flakes with a little bit of water? 

Comment by Jan-Maarten Luursema on Thursday

Thx! The dots are just drops of oatmeal porridge, laid down with a syringe

Comment by Derndorfer on Thursday

nice :D

what where the round shaped food source?

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