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I am working on an experiment now and have figured out the maze and agar but I am having trouble with waking up the slime. I thought I would start with the mazie and so I read on the University of Warwick website. Brown filter paper in a container dampened with a towel. I put a lid not fully closed on top so air could pass and a single grain of oatmeal beside it. For the slime I cut out a 1.5 by 0.5 cm piece and put it upside down, onto the filter paper. I also put the container in a wardrobe and the temperature should be more than 20 degrees celsius in there. I don't know if I understood the instructions correctly, but the slime hasn't moved in two days and I have tried to change some things. For example, put pieces of leftover agar gel under the filter paper so that it would stay moist, but now the slime just looks more yellow-greyish and it hasn't moved away from the paper it came on. I'm worried I might kill it soon, what could the problem be? Can I save it? How fast should the Mazie be moving? As fast as a normal physarum polycephalum?

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