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I had a Tv crew in on Tuesday after three changes of date. It was a very strange experience, I had no idea how much kit this actually involves - and how large professional rigs are - the sound kit involved two harnesses, the camera had a battery pack on wheels and the tripod - well.... 

They left me with that for the week - I had no idea that a tv land tripod is quite a lot bigger than my idea of a tripod - all that just to film this -

Mind you at 60kg it probably doesn't suffer from wobble. Then I had the sheer terror of little me being trusted to dismantle and pack it all myself at the end of the week.

This is half the stuff we used - maps, mazes, terraria, moist chambers, food choices ( physarum prefers twigs to custard creams ), how many will make the final cut I don't know -it was ten hours with all the retakes from different angles, standing around in the woods pretending to have a conversation about slime moulds ( we started on that but by the close up pointing at stuff shots we'd gone on to brewing ).

It'll probably be early Dec when it's aired, I'll give y'all a heads up,

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