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Took the day off work, spent the morning on a Dresden Dolls and slime checking binge.

When I set up the spore plates, as well as finding the easiest way to get from spores to plasmodia without lab equipment I wanted to know - Is there enough variation here to make selective breeding worth trying in the first place, well...

All these slime moulds are the same age and have been kept at the same temperature. They were on a single oat transferred to agar with damp oats six days ago and were moved to their current plate two days ago.

They're now fully mature plasmodia

I'm scoring them as Wow, Ok, Meh and Feeble on vigour. For habit Clumpy, Normal, Spready, Megaspready and then just Orange, Yellow or Pale.

let's add Very Feeble to that list

OK and Spready

Sorry about my fingernails, it's pitch - really hard to get off

Guess who's gets to breed next!

And I might just cross it with megaspready here

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