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I've started raising sclerotia off Physarum, I'm happy to post them out to anyone anywhere in the world free of charge, just PM me.

Offer ends when I get bored of keeping physarum - not any time soon!

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Hello Ian,

I'm just starting get involved with Physarum  and would love to take advantage of your gracious offer. I'm not quite certain what it means to "PM" you, though.


PM - private message - click on a name to get a profile and go to 'send message' - it saves posting your details online for all to see,



An update - hospital was supposed to have been a quick overnight, turned into ten days mostly in an isolation room with opiates on demand.

 I had five readdressed envelopes,my other half filled them and sent them out. All my cultures have sporulated or gone down so I won't any more until I have something active again, which shouldn't take long. I'll then send out what I have and raise more


I'm sorry to hear you were taken ill. I hope you've fully recovered or are well on the way. I had imagined that something had delayed things and, just last night had found a very reasonable supplier here in the states and placed an order. If you haven't sent mine out yet, then you can give it to someone else, otherwise I'll have two lines to compare.

Glad you're doing better.

Take Care,


Hi there Ian, 

I am very interested in your offer, but for me to PM you, we have to be friends. So please get back to me when you see this. Thank you!

First new batch has been prepared and I'm ready to start posting again :)

Wow, after along time I finally received some of Ian's physarum (I am about the farthest you can get from England). Thank you Ian!

I would love to get in touch. Really worried that my slime mould might die out so I would really appreciate if you could really post me some. I would be so so so happy. :) Thanks in advance (Hoepfully). And by the way, I sent you a friend request because I'd love to get in touch :)


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