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I've had strain x32 on the windowsill for a couple of weeks trying to get spores and raised two batches of sclerotia in light. 

X32 is henceforth known as The Daywalker. I'll be growing up stocks if anyone wants some for exhibition stuff.

Non sporulating strains aren't that unusual from what I can in the literature but since they cropped up in labs studying spore formation in the 70s (before we invented cheap sequencing) they were a dead end. I've had x32 for a couple years but not tried raising spores before. 

Next step I suppose is work out if this thing can respond to light at all - it hasn't seemed bothered by microscope lights. I'll also try extracting pigment from a sporulating strain and injecting it - that's been shown to trigger sporulation. 

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would love for some of this stuff as someone who easily forgets about things hidden away from plain sight - i'd also like your pale and orange strains, too, as i don't believe you ever got around to posting those out to me. or if you did, the mail ate it!

one question - if it's pigmentless, is it hard to tell the difference between the slime itself and the trail it leaves behind?

Looks like it went missing in the post then, I'll get more on the way. The paler one isn't that pale - still a hint of yellow and it colours up as it ages, I have had white mutations crop up but they don't live long, without a microscope they're hard to distinguish from the slime trail.

thanks so much! sorry it didn't get here, and additional thanks for the additional info :)

i know it's unlikely, but part of me really hopes we end up with a color that's decidedly unyellow in one strain someday - red perhaps, or green, if we somehow shift it in that direction...


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