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Not sure how, or if a fluke, but I used a slime to re-start a stalled mushroom jar

I have a jar of panellus stipticus that halted growing all of a sudden, which usually happens when a jar is contaminated.

I had nothing to lose so i chucked a slime in there and a week later the jar is growing again, and the slime is stringy all throughout ~half the jar (still looking alive) so I'm guessing somehow it jump started the jar to grow again.

gonna be doing this a couple more times just wanted to make a post

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Growing or glowing? ;) My last Pan stip failed. It's a dream of mine to one day take the luminescence pathway out of Panellus and shove it into a slime mould :)

Just growing for now, was thinking maybe the slime got rid of some contaminate in the jar allowing the mush to thrive.

panellus stipticus takes forever to grow though so we wont probably see the slime glowing for a week or two

I have a couple of actively glowing full p.s. jars i'm going to sacrifice for the great glowing slime today for that reason : ^ )


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