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Has anyone received a culture recently (March or April in 2023)? I haven’t seen anything on it since a couple of years ago. Is he still giving them out? How do we know if our request was received? If he’s not still sharing is anyone in the US willing to share with me? I want to use them for my dissertation study and was told I need to start my research in August so I need to get them started growing soon (I wasn’t planning to start until next year). Thank you!

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I also need one

Hi pm me and I'll post some out - I dropped off the web for a few weeks l, likewise Juan 

On the growing side btw  their doubling time is 12 hours so you don't have to worry too much 

When was the last time anyone heard back from Ian?  If he is no longer in the slime sending mode, does anyone know a reliable source in the US?


Yep, Ian send me one like 6 months ago

So...does anyone know where to find some culture besides Ian?  He seems not to be participating any more. Thanks

If you're in the US, feel free to hit me up


Thanks. I live in Maine.  What variety of slime do you cultivate? How would you send it? I have a few short trips scheduled for June and July.  The June trip is to Canada, so maybe a slime passenger wouldn't be good at the border.  The July trip, I could take my friend along.  Can slime be left alone with food for a few days?

Again, thanks for responding.



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