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I was wondering if it’s safe to cultivate slime mould in apartments or houses because of it’s spurs?

do they spread around the apartment and cultivate themselves in places like bath, kitchen or walls?

i wanna grow Physarum Polycephalum

I’m appreciating every generous soul helping me on this amazing journey

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Spores only form when the slime is exposed to light for a few days, they take about a week to form and are dormant until they've been dried for a few weeks so you've plenty of time to deal with them. 

They're not known to be dangerous for humans - though you can't rule out allergy of course. 

I handle spores in large quantities - tablespoons full - and although I would not suggest doing this and I am generally careful with them, I have accidentally inhaled a lot of spores with no ill effects.

As for spreading around the house - they're a bit of a pain to get to plasmodium from spore, you're more likely to get adult escapees and they can be wiped up with detergent 

Thank you ian my friend, you really helped me there. It took a little while but i am now in company of a little friend called physarum polycephalum


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